Engineering Standards

Development Policies and Public Works Standards

The Mayor and Council of the City of Castle Rock welcome you to develop in a community dedicated to maintaining a quality environment.

Castle Rock’s Staff will work with you to create first class additions to our city. As staff, we believe that the best way to help you through this process is to meet with you prior to the development of plans and details.

This document will show you our process and our standards. We feel that many of your questions will be answered here. While these standards are intended to apply to all projects within the City limits, they are also intended to be utilized in applicable circumstances where the City’s service areas, annexation areas or planning areas extend outside its limits. These standards can also be used for annexation agreements with the county.

We attempt to achieve maximum uniformity of planning, engineering, and construction practices within the City of Castle Rock. These are minimum standards and are intended to assist, but not to substitute for competent work by engineering and design professionals. Special conditions or environmental constraints may require a more stringent design than would normally be required under these standards. It is not the intent of the City to unreasonably limit any innovative effort which could result in a superior project design. A proposed design which is different than these Development Guidelines will be evaluated on the basis that the proposed design will produce a comparable or superior result, and in every way adequate for the user, the City, and the public.

This document may contain minor errors, discrepancies or omissions which will be corrected in future updates. In the interim, the City shall have the right of imposing the “intent” of the City.

Dave Vorse
Public Works Director